Classes & Courses


 I offer small, friendly classes with an emphasis on enquiry , where I work ‘hands on’ , flexibly  with space for personalised attention.

Ofrece clases en grupo – grupos reducidos para que los alumnos tengan atención individual. 

Below are listed all classes

Por favor encuentre enumeran a continuación todas las clases





All classes are offered in English and/or Spanish according to students needs


Barcelona, Well Women’s Centre, Carrer de Casp 80, metro Tetuan

Mon / Lunes       20.15 – 21.45     weekly class – monthly €45  – All levels 

Sitges ,  44 Carrer de Bartomeu 

Tues/Martes     10.00 – 11.15am         All levels   €45 el mes / monthly

Gavamar,  Carrer de Calafel, 5

Miércoles / Wednesday 9.30am – 10.45am         All levels   €40 per month

“Thank you for continuing to offer your teaching in and around Barcelona.”  D. A  Barcelona 


Mondays / Lunes     8.15 – 9.45pm     Awakening the Spine     Barcelona

Exploring asana (posture) and the awakening of the spine

a yoga that invites the transformation , coming home to body and inner being.
a practice that reconnects to body’s deeper rhythms and wisdom
a practice where heaviness and dullness becomes lightness , thereby creating energy, that breathes new life in to the spine.

As layers of tension drop away a treasure in the body reveals itself. With less focus on our bodies from the outside, there we can honour the real magic on the inside!

Places are limited and payment is monthly only – for us to build a friendly, ongoing group.

Thursday / Jueves          Restore and Revitalise

19.30 – 21.00     Gavamar

A class for those with some previous experience of yoga .

Regular Tuesday class. Inviting you to explore this stress free , revitalising yoga that reconnects us to our bodies natural rhythms and body wisdom.  Through discovering the relationship between gravity, breath, spine and  space we will go with an exploration of awakening the spine , cultivating freedom , strength and flexibility of movement in our body.

This class is open to all. If you are looking for a practice to address back pain, stress or injury or to deepen your own practice as an experienced yogi.

Shared in English and /or Spanish


Rise and Shine

9.30- 10.45 am    Gavamar

Wake up your day. Open the body, calm the mind and find your flow. An opportunity to rediscover  the natural strength, freedom and flexibility of movement  in body with this stress free yoga . Good for stress , back pain or to deepen your own practice. 

All welcome with or without previous experience of yoga.

Tuesday Yoga Sitges

10.00- 11.15am

A yoga practice to calm the mind and strengthen the body.

A yoga practice where we work from the spine to find freedom, strength and flexibility of movement in the body.
A space for a deep listening to and honouring of the wisdom of the body, where the postures are no longer the goal. Instead we are kinder, more patient and playful in our exploration, and the body responds and postures open to us.

Ofrezco una practica de yoga donde trabajarnos desde la columna vertebral para descubrir la fuerza , la flexibilidad y la movimiento del cuerpo. Ofrezco un espacio por una escucha profunda y honrando la sabiduría del cuerpo , donde los posturas no estan el objetivo , estamos mas suaves, mas pacientes y mas presentes con nosotros mismos y con nuestro cuerpo que se abre mas suavemente al fluir de las posturas.

All are welcome to these classes, whether you are new to yoga, picking it up again after some time or a practitioner wishing to deepen your practice.

Todos estan bienvenidos sin o con experiencia previa o si queries profundizar tu practica.



1 thought on “Classes & Courses”

  1. Hola Julie, me llamo Victoria. tengo casi 42 años y estoy decidida a hacer yoga. vivo en gava mar y te he escogido a ti para hacer clases. Nunca he hecho yoga y estoy en bajisima forma. en unos meses haré una fecundación in vitro y junto la acupuntura y el haber dejado el trabajo creo que el yoga será un perfecto complemento. Me da miedo no poder hacer las posturas (tengo ciatica y lumbalgia de vez en cuando) y tampoco conozco los términos que se usan en el yoga. en conclusión, soy una principiante que empieza de 0. podría haber sitio para mí en tus clases? Muchas gracias, Victoria


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