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“It was a beautifully deep but gentle practice which left me feeling amazing” 


Workshops 2018

Exploring the wave of the spine

Saturday 20th October    10.30am-1pm

Barcelona Well Women’s Centre , Carrer de Casp 80 , Barcelona

I am happy to return to Barcelona Well Womens Centre to share this yoga practice of deep listening, allowing and  honouring of the body and its wisdom –  influenced by the work of Vanda Scaravelli.

We will journey into connecting with the Intelligence of the body.  How this reveals itself in the natural dance of the spine.  A place where we can ‘be’ , where body is allowed . How body responds when we listen , are kinder and softer, to show us its strength , show us the natural health , vitality and wholeness that resides within

A yoga where deep listening of the body is encouraged, through posture and breath reconnecting to the vital essence of your bodys inherent health and an awakening of the spine where heaviness and dullness transforms to lightness.

I love to encourage enquiry and love teaching in this workshop style in a hands on and flexible way , so that students slow down and explore their own process in posture and develop an understanding of what yoga practice is for you.

This workshop morning is open to all – with or without previous experience of yoga.

Please do get in touch as I am happy to answer questions.

Price is €25