About /Sobre

I have been practising yoga and mediation for more than 20 years and have been teaching adults and children for 8 years in England and Spain.   Having started with Iyengar yoga, I trained to teach yoga with Simon Low at The Yoga Academy in 2008 and have spent the last 14 years studying Scaravelli inspired yoga with principle teachers John Stirk, Pete Blackaby and Liz Warrington in the UK.

I have also trained and worked as a Thai Yoga Massage therapist in Thailand and bring this knowledge of the subtle energy system and hands on adjustments to my teachings.  I also spent two years living immersed in nature in south america practising yoga and learning capoeira.  Enjoying the movement and strength of capoeira that uses the core and the ground

Classes cultivate an awareness of our bodies through a playful exploration, deeply acknowledging that we move freely with less effort when we stop pushing, when the mind loses its hold.  Then we are happy , we are enjoying the experience and the body becomes healthy and full of vitality.  So we always return again and again to beginning from where we are in order to allow the body to express itself , to undo: understanding that it is easier to find strength, alignment and flexibility through listening to the natural intelligence of the body.

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